What is the most resilient thing in the world? An idea. The world is moving at a wanton pace and it’s pivotal to our growth that we apprise ourselves, our minds, and our environment and do it in a way that is not merely transient but permanent. As a company, iTAG is shaped with the ambition to revolutionize the tech world, making the Pakistani society more tech-savvy and digitally advanced so they can keep up with the modern world and transform their lives for the better. We work on the philosophy of “connecting”. Riding the wave of changing trends by adopting technologies and implementing innovations, iTAG is driven to connect the world to its needs and wants. On paper, what we aim is much challenging to comprehend, although practically, it is easier to grasp.

Our legacy lies in the Islamic Golden age which dated from the 8th century to the 13th century. That is what we intend to revive.Our products reinforce that same ideology and we take pride in our ability to read and understand the needs of the market and deliver more than what is expected of us.All in all, ITAG is working to change the dynamics of the technical game.

We connect people, we connect businesses, we connect YOU.

“He is created from a drop emitted, proceeding from between the backbone and the ribs.”
Surah At-Tariq (86:6-7)

Everything that is and everything that ever will be, began from a dot. From single celled organisms & human beings to an idea, a thought, a word, everything had a singular starting point. When they come together, that’s when a picture starts to form. Human beings alone cannot achieve much. It is only when they become connected to their creator that they become truly empowered. Every Dot ultimately craves to be connected to the next one, the ultimate connection being the one that he forms with God.

iTAG works on this dot theory by transforming & simplifying a person’s belief system &his need to connect to the world around him. We believe in furthering the progress of the Pakistani community, with technology being the torch-bearer. Inspired from the golden period of Islam, our ultimate goal is: To build a society based on connectivity not apathy.